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Generally there are two types of paging systems. They are low power 24-volt self amplified (SA) systems and high power 70 volt central amplified (CA) systems. Each system uses its own design and features including specific hardware. A voice paging system is a popular add-on peripheral to a PBX or IP-PBX telephone system and one that is a must have in many businesses including warehouses, schools, loading docks, and freight facilities. Although some small office establishments use paging through the desk phones, overhead paging through speakers is a alternate method. For more open types of businesses overhead horns (warehouse and industrial) are the best solution.

picture of 70 volt paging amplifier
70 Volt Overhead Paging Amplifier
picture of 15 watt 70 volt paging horn
70 Volt 15 Watt Paging Horn
picture of 8" ceiling speaker
70 Volt 8″ Ceiling Paging Speaker
picture of volume control
70 Volt Paging Volume Control
picture of paging power supply
24 Volt Self Amplified Paging Power Supply

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