Structured Networking With Fiber Optic Cable

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optics is a growing technology utilized for structured wiring/cabling which allows you to transfer data at high speeds through the use of laser light and is ideal for transferring information over long distances. It is made up of strands of glass fibers approximately the size of a single human hair. In telecommunications there are two types of optical fiber, Single-mode and Multi-mode. Multi-mode is used for short distances and is typically used in smaller spaces while Single-mode is used for long distances with higher bandwidths and is typically used for large facilities. By utilizing light as a source of data, fiber optics could potentially transmit at speeds well over our current technologies.

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Fiber Optic Installation in Kitchener – Waterloo

Looking to upgrade your office performance and improve communications? Maybe your business is moving to a bigger location or you’re expanding to another floor. Fiber optic cabling may be the right option for high speed internet, reliable VoIP business phone systems, surveillance, paging systems and more. Fiber optics is the next step in speed and reliability that is ideal to keep up with growing competition and is the future of the telecommunication and data industry.

Faster Speeds with Larger Bandwidths

Increased Reliability and Security

Light Weight and Durable

Acme Telephone Co. provides top quality fiber optic installations in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph that will get you on track to take on the competition. Our services include installation, troubleshooting, relocates and repairs using single mode or multimode fiber cable. All network installations and wiring are certified, warrantied, and installed by our professional cabling technicians.

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Why Choose Fiber Optics For Your Data & Phone Cabling?

Fiber optic cable is by far the best option when it comes to networking communications. By choosing fiber optics you are propelling your company to be a top contender in your professional field. Fiber optics offers many advantages compared to traditional copper cabling such as bandwidth, security, reliability, and longer data transfer. Fiber optic cable is also durable and smaller in size.

Higher Bandwidth – High transfer speeds and reduced bandwidth restrictions allow for better voice and data communication and larger data transmission, perfect for a faster work environment.

Increased Security – The copper wire signal can be intercepted by tapping into the line. Fiber cable can’t be accessed without cutting the line and breaking transmission.

Reliability – Because fiber uses infrared light instead of electric current, it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, noise or temperature changes.

Data can Transfer Farther – Fiber data has lower degradation while traveling. Losing approximately .1% of its signal over long distances, it is a requirement with a span of over 100 meters that copper lines cannot match.

Durable and Smaller – The diameter of fiber is smaller and lighter in weight than copper cable. This makes it ideal to fit around tight corners and compact areas.

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